Couples Counseling

Ilyse is committed to guiding couples as they deepen their relationships, find solutions, and heal. She creates a personalized plan with each couple to assist them in meeting their goals.

Family Counseling

Ilyse assists families in finding a balance and reaching their full potential. Ilyse specializes in parenting issues and can assist parents in the many challenges that arise with children and teens.

Individual Counseling

Ilyse works with individuals to process through obstacles and move towards positive change. Ilyse provides a safe, compassionate environment to find one's strengths and feel empowered

About Ilyse

Ilyse believes that challenges can motivate us to make positive changes in our lives. She works in collaboration with individuals, couples, and families, to overcome obstacles and to reach their full potential. By offering a supportive, safe environment, she uses proven strength-based approaches to help you to shift negative patterns and find effective solutions in your relationships and family life.

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Contact Ilyse

(303) 931-8492
1361 Francis St, Suite 102
Longmont, CO 80501